It's so depressing to hear that the perfect game that was taken away from Armando Galarraga...will stand, and not be overturned by Bud Selig.

It would have been the only time in MLB HISTORY that 3 perfect games were thrown in 1 season, and we are actually able to experience history. Wouldn't it have been cool to tell to our grandchildren 50 years from now "I remember 2010 when 3 perfect games were thrown. Roy Halladay, Dallas Braden, and Armando for history" But no, it was taken from us.

I have a feeling that this season may have a few more surprises.
We'll see,
Texas Jon

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Comment by Texas Jon on June 8, 2010 at 9:56am
Oh yeah, there was definitely a lot of people that never got caught. Either way, caught or not, you should still get into the Hall.
Comment by Big Ty on June 6, 2010 at 11:53pm
Pete should be in the hall. And, I know alot of old time baseball players. And trust me, there was ALOT betting behind closed doors. He just got caught. Isn't it sad that our league works this way?
Comment by Texas Jon on June 6, 2010 at 9:43pm
I wasn't even talking about a perfect game (although another one would be AWESOME!) I mean anything that has to do with a record or an incredible feat. Like someone hitting 5 home runs in a game, or a pitching staff throw 5 consecutive shut outs, or maybe even someone make a run at the Joe Dimaggio 56 game hitting streak...something like that. What I would like to see most of all is Pete Rose getting out in the Hall of Fame. I agree that he shouldn't be allowed back into baseball or be allowed to manage, but he should be put into the Hall of Fame for having the most hits of any player in HISTORY. What he did was wrong but it shouldn't keep him from getting recognized in the Hall. What Pete Rose did compared to other players is NOTHING. Look at Babe Ruth, he cheated on his wife with other women a countless number of times, and also look at Ty Cobb who beat up a black guy when he congratulated him on getting his 3,000th career hit. Ty Cobb did something so DESPICABLE, and cruel...and he's in the Hall??? Pete Rose bet for his team...and didn't use steroids, but he put his life on the line for every game, that's why they called him "Charlie Hustle". He was a man who loved the game and what baseball stood for, a sport where what you do on the field is important. That's why Cobb is in the Hall, because what you do off the field is irrelevant. It shouldn't be, but it is. So, as I was saying, this would be the greatest moment of the decade if he is to get in the Hall. (I wouldn't expect Bud Selig to do anything though) You guys know the story.
Comment by Big Ty on June 6, 2010 at 5:07pm
We'll see a third perfect game... I feel it! Great blog Jon!

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