Hey guys, I'm back. I couldn't resist blogging about Mr. James. First, I'm extremely happy that LeBron
went to Miami. The reason being that now someone can finally compete with the Lakers. Now, the other day,
someone was spamming some forum that the Lakers are still better than the Heat, trio or not. False. Okay, you
have me with Kobe. But here's where the differences are; in SF and PF positions. Let's get something straight,
LeBron owns Artest. Period. And, in my opinion, Bosh is much better than Gasol. 22 PPG, and 11 Rebounds, as
opposed to Pau's 19 PPG and 11 REB's. Bosh is a more versatile player, and is better in the low post. And finally, we have the SG position. D-Wade and Kobe is a close call. In fact, Dwyane Wade had a BETTER statistical season. So, the Heat are my pick to win it all this year. But, I still have a few concerns. Number 1 would be Erik Spoelstra. He's inexperienced,and I fear he will not be sure how to make these 3 superstars mesh and play well together. I'm sure the Heat will have Pat Riley ready to coach if need be. Please, comment!
-Big Ty

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Comment by Big Ty on July 11, 2010 at 1:16am
I agree. NY was a better fit. And no, I don't see LeBron as a role model or as a person with
character. But I'm not going to lie- I was stoked when I heard Bosh, Wade , and LeBron would
play together. And to be honest, this new trio is BETTER than MJ, Rodman, and Pippen. But
what it comes down to is money, and rings= money. I still wish he could have MADE a dynasty
in NY, and not just PURCHASED it in Miami.
Comment by Texas Jon on July 10, 2010 at 6:45pm
Yeah Doc, I agree. I don't like Lebron anyway, what Dan Gilbert said about him is true. He did give up in the playoffs, he did brag about himself by making a freak show about his free agency, he's cocky, he's a sissy, he's a sore loser, and he's got no character...what is there to like about him??? Is he a good player, yeah...but are there better, yes. I would take Dwayne Wade over Lebron James ANY DAY, because Dwayne Wade has character and carries himself like a professional, Lebron just brags and says "I'm sad to be leaving Cleveland after all my accomplishments I made there". You agree Ty and Doc? I think Lebron is a GREAT player...but I think he's a bad character.
Comment by Doctor Wax Battle on July 10, 2010 at 10:40am
The whole thing makes me want to throw up...

LeBron just lost his so-called "King" title. If he had balls and was a real "King" or whatever the #$@% you want to call him...he would have joined the Knicks! To have a chance to play in the World's #1 arena...c'mon what's Joe Willie without Broadway! I am talking NEW YORK CITY Baby! Championships? Get a set LeBron...go out and make the players around you better hot dog. NEW YORK CITY! Broadway Plays, Theatres, Times Square, need I say more. The Garden is filled every night anyway without him. Not to mention Madison Square Garden is undergoing a major renovation. You just blew it LeBron...

The Doc

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