Card Collecting: An Investment for the Future

It's amazing how much money you see baseball cards selling for.  Honus Wagner in any condition, minimum of $300,000 at auction, 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle in any condition pulls in thousands upon thousands, and all of the Stephen Strasburg autographed draft rookie cards go for a few grand.  A guy who isn't proven gets thousands of dollars for his card, never mind being proven, he hadn't even thrown a pitch in the major leagues and he single handedly turned the economy of Washington D.C. around.  It's amazing how much these athletes mean to a city and to a people.  I want to talk about how collecting the right cards over time can not only make you money, but also give you a side business to support your family.

Some of the cards I just mentioned like the Mickey Mantle became really rare for a couple of reasons, but the big reason was because people would put these cards in their bicycle spokes to make an engine noise.  People didn't think that baseball cards would become that valuable...but they did.  Can you Imagine how much money people would have if they held onto their old cards?  

The best way to make money with baseball cards is to invest some money in a player when a player is young and his value is low.  This can be risky at times, but I did it...and it worked.  I bought a 2010 Topps Chrome Ivan Nova Autographed Refractor Rookie for a few bucks, it's now worth $65.  Find a player that has talent on a big team and buy a few autographed rookies of them.  If they turn out to be a flop then you lose maybe $35-50 bucks, if they turn out to be an all-star player, you then just made a lot of money. 

One other huge way to make money in baseball is stock up on autographs and rookies of players who are about to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  For example I'm stocking up on Mike Piazza autographs and rookie cards because I know that he's going into the Hall of Fame next year.  Since I have been doing this for a while, I've noticed over the years that people who get into the Hall go up in value at least 20%, but most of the time I see values spike up 100%!  Piazza autographs go for about $85 to $100 right now, by the end of next year they'll be going for about $150-200 no problem.  So I encourage you to invest that way, you can't go wrong unless they've used steroids.  If they have used steroids then save your money.  Basically you are going to make money if you do it this way, but there is one more way to making money.  

I hate having to say this, but player values go WAY up when they pass away.  I bought a Robin Roberts PSA Authenticated baseball for $15 three years ago, his signed balls are now going for $35 on average.  So remember that having people's autographs prove to be valuable when they die because circulation stops, they are not going to sign anymore memorabilia, thus their value goes up because of demand.  That is also one more thing to keep in mind.  Another great example of a player who went well up in value was Phil Rizzuto.

I hope all of this makes sense to you guys, so keep in mind all of these things...they'll come in handy.

God Bless!

Texas Jon

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