Bryce Harper or Mark Trumbo? Who Would You Put on Your Team?

You have the opportunity to sign a player for 10 years, you only have two options, Bryce Harper and Mark Trumbo.  Who would you take and why?  Who would you build your team around?  Let's see what their stats are and how they matchup against each other.

Let's start with Bryce Harper since all of the hype has been on him.  He was the top prospect in baseball so  you would expect him to carry lots of expectations.  But I would like to talk about not only his stats, but his attitude.  

Harper plays hard every game, and when I say "hard" I mean he plays like it's life or death.  He runs hard in every situation, whether he hits a squibber back to the pitcher, a pop-up in the infield,or even when he gets walked.  He reminds me of Pete Rose "Charlie Hustle".  On top of his hard working, hard playing attitude, his stats are pretty solid.  Right now he has a .274 AVG, 8 HR, 22 RBI.  Honestly those are good numbers but not great.  Yeah he's young and the pressure is on him, but his playing ability isn't what impresses me about him, it's his attitude.  Even the way he goes about fielding fly balls in the outfield impresses me, not to mention his rocket launcher for an arm.  To be honest I think he is the lesser "talented" player when compared to Mark Trumbo.  I honestly feel that Harper will be a good No. 2 hitter for his whole career, He'll be a .290 to .300 hitter, hit about 20-25 home runs, and drive in 75-90 runs per season.  I don't see him being a superstar.  Sorry.


Now we'll talk about Mark Trumbo.  He plays hard, not to the noticeable extent of Bryce Harper but he still plays his heart out.  His numbers impress everyone, there is no doubt he's in the run for MVP right now.  He has a .312 AVG, 20 HR, 55 RBI.  Those are good numbers for anybody.  Since he has joined the Angels this season, they've not only gained in the standings, but they've actually started pressuring the Rangers.  Since Trumbo was put in the lineup the Angels have had almost a .700 wining percentage as a team.  Trumbo's swing reminds me of Tim Salmon and Mark McGuire put together.  I think he'll be a .305 hitter, 25-35 home runs, 100 RBI guy each season.  I think he'll end up being a better player than Harper, at least in the hitting category.  


So who would you take?  I would personally take Trumbo.  Either one of these guys would be an amazing person to build your team around.

Let me know what you guys think.

Texas Jon


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Comment by Doctor Wax Battle on July 6, 2012 at 9:19am

Not sure but Trumbo does look really good and with Harper...well you know five-tool players just do not come around that often

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